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        The blade material innovative technology to promote the development of processing industry

        Date:2015-07-24  Views:1277

        Over the past seventy years, manufacturing has experienced an unprecedented technological revolution, metal parts processing increased number of hundreds of thousands of times, and shorten the processing time. By improving the metal removal rate, prolong tool life, reduce downtime, improve tool dismounting convenience, improve the operation performance, so that the machining cost is greatly reduced.

        Metal cutting is an important part of industrial production, by increasing the production efficiency, technological innovation in the field to play an active role in the development of the economy as a whole. It can promote society prosperity, and improve the quality of life.

        The cutting tool material, especially the carbide, is one of the main factors in metal cutting. This is because the metal processing, the performance of the cutting edge in increase the manufacturing efficiency plays a very important role.

        As an industry pioneer, sandvik coromant from the 50 s, constantly quickening the steps of material research and development, launched a large number of innovative technology.

        Modern cutting tools

        In the early nineteenth century, all metal processing company must be homemade tool or purchase non-standard cutting tools. Standard program without any tools and solutions. Cutting tool materials are mainly high speed steel, welding carbide cutting tools are beginning to use. Later, machine tools, equipment, numerical control and the development of the cutting tools made by leaps and bounds, production efficiency and processing quality were significantly improved.

        Sandvik coromant indexable tool since it was introduced in the 50 s, processing production has double double. We start from the idea of standardization of ready-made tool, all the way leading high-tech new trend of the cutting tool and machining method. In research and development manufacturing technology, it also needs the innovation of the cutting tool material, need material knowledge of science and technology. By make full use of the cutting tool material, we in the making process of the blade set goals and implement the material.

        Quality and innovation

        As is known to all, 1942 sandvik metal cutting industry. Sandvik coke is full in the development of cemented carbide as a high-quality cutting tool material was established on the basis of business philosophy. Is the synthetic cutting tool materials has been known for decades, but can make full use of its characteristics of application is very limited, is mainly used in rock drilling. Carbide later success, however, are all attributed to a barrage of innovation technology. In 1943, sandvik coromant new developed six kinds of metal cutting tool material, and a decade later, it developed as many as twelve can be optimized can be applied to various fields such as welding tool of metal cutting material.

        How to control for the quality of the carbide cutting tool is sandvik coromant technology problem of the beginning, this also is in contact with the customer the feedback. In 1954, sandvik coromant built a special carbide factory, the introduction of a lot of research and development facilities, to achieve strict quality control, the most critical step. Quality control has been regarded as the cornerstone of coke with knives.

        In 1957, sandvik coromant launched the first batch of indexable insert tool T - Max turning tools series. Although indexable insert start market is small, but when some manufacturing industry giants began to adopt this kind of blade, blade tool system applied in the ray of hope, and the rapid development in the use of in the future. Processing workshop has adopted high efficiency, large output of processing technology, no longer need to resharpening welding tool.

        Early (1956) of the coating material innovation is a kind of blade material called Coromant S1 Premium the promoter of the world's first improve the production efficiency. S1P significantly improve and extend the service life of the cutting parameters, the lathe, the industry's leading superior, significantly shorten the processing time of finish machining and rough machining. At the same time, USES the high quality material cutting tool cutting all kinds of steel alloy cast iron, even without any cooling fluid. This kind of material is especially suitable for indexable insert, does make the industry personnel eyes, and look forward to by cutting tool material innovation, improve the processing environment.

        The sixties, also developed is suitable for the blades and other application materials, such as milling, drilling and thread cutting. In 1963, there have been 18 kinds of coke with (not) coating blade material, covering industry fields.