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        The development trend of machining and cutting tools technology in China

        Date:2015-07-24  Views:1602

          A stage of development, advanced manufacturing technology and thinking

          1, when we enter the 21st century, observation of the world, we are in a period of unprecedented rapid development of advanced manufacturing technology. Appeared as a result of the numerical control (nc) machine tool, the development of a series of numerical control processing technology, such as machining center (MC), a flexible manufacturing cell (FMC), a flexible manufacturing system (FMS), computer integrated manufacturing system (cims), even a totally different from traditional machine tool of virtual axis machine tool (also called six legs) machine tool, and machine tools developed at the same time complementary high-speed processing and new technology, new tools, new technology closely integrated, reduce the labor intensity greatly in machining, greatly shorten the auxiliary time, product quality and production efficiency is greatly increased, become a manufacturing and play a great role in promoting the development of global economy. In America, for example, manufacturing in the United States is known as the most productive sectors of the economy, in the 90 s to the contribution of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 29%.

          2, today, to develop the nc technology and equipment, has become the world's governments strategic decision, armed with numerical control equipment of modern industrial and transform the traditional industry has become the world manufacturing industry development direction. In the late 90 s, such as Germany and Japan, the United States, meaning the numerical control machine tool of output rate has reached more than 51.75%. Nc machine tools has become the main current manufacturing technology equipment, numerical control processing technology has become the mainstream in the advanced manufacturing technology, creating a new era of the modern manufacturing industry. It is pointed out in the party's 16 big: "invigorate the equipment manufacturing industry". The equipment manufacturing industry of new China after several generations of asians, especially more than 20 years of reform and opening up and modernization construction, has established a relatively complete and independent industrial system, has the certain material technology base, the scale of production has been the fourth in the world as a whole. Many economists predict that China will become after Britain, the United States, Japan and a "world factory" and "manufacturing power".

          (3) should be clearly aware that though we have the rapid development of the universally acknowledged, but compared with the fast-changing world manufacturing industry development, whether in the market competition, product level and there is still a large gap on development. In the overall level of China's current machining compared with the advanced industrial countries differ for 20 years, quite a number of production enterprises in the welding tool is widely used to construct or few decades old process method, this requires our presses for solution. In order to promote the development of productive forces, enhance the enterprise competitiveness, we can only seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, renew the idea, the introduction of innovation, vigorously promote and adoption of new technologies, new processes, new materials, to keep pace with The Times to change the backwardness of the us.
        Second, the high speed machining (HSM) development inevitable trend

          1, first of all, review the history of one hundred years cutting: in 1900, the cutting tool material for carbon tool steel, if processing a diameter of 100 mm, 500 mm long carbon steel shaft parts, takes 100 minutes to complete, and in this day in 2000, cutting tool material for cemented carbide coating tools and cubic boron nitride cutting tools, processing the same shaft, only need a minute to complete, cutting efficiency is 100 times. That machine tools and cutting tool technology development to a new stage. Cutting (including grinding) not only now but in the 21st century is still the dominant of machinery manufacturing processing methods, the vast majority of mechanical parts must be completed machining. The current machining accounted for about 95% of the whole mechanical processing workload, according to experts estimate that machining of the 21st century will account for more than 90% of mechanical processing, thus improve the level of machining is still an important research subject.

          2, improve the efficiency of cutting first request machine constantly upgrading, high-speed spindle adopts ceramic bearing, hydrostatic bearings, aerostatic bearing, magnetic bearing, the spindle speed can reach 10000-10000 revolutions per minute; Small machine tools up to 100000 RPM. Feed speed: ball screw up to 40 to 60 m/min, the linear motor can reach 90-120 m/min. It can be seen that the supplementary motor has reached the level of the main movement, creates high speed machining is the most important guarantee conditions. Coupled with the tool of new material, new technology, new structure constantly research and innovation, so that the cutting into the high speed machining, the new round of high speed and ultra-high speed cutting new stage of development, and the level of high speed cutting of 50 years ago has a qualitative leap.

          3, the current international high speed machining is no uniform definition. There are two kinds of formulation: one is cutting speed above 1000 m/min called high speed machining. Another from two aspects of processed materials and cutting tool material, cutting speed and feed rate is higher than the normal value of 5 -- 10 times the processing method called high speed machining. For example, are as follows:

          Milling: CBN milling cast iron, cutting speed can reach 1000-2000 m/min.

          PCD milling aluminum alloy, cutting speed can reach 4000-7000 m/min.

          Turning, turning gray cast iron, silicon nitride ceramics cutting speed can reach 500-700 m/min.

          CBN cutting hardened steel (hrc60), cutting speed can reach 100-200 m/min.

          CBN cutting cast iron brake disc, cutting speed can reach 700-1000 m/min.

          Drilling: solid carbide drill gray cast iron, the cutting speed can reach 100 m/min.

          Tapping screw thread: cobalt high speed steel tap (m14 x 1.5) processing malleable iron, the cutting speed can reach 61 m/min.

          Hob: 16 mncr5 carbide hob processing, cutting speed can reach 350 m/min.

          Metal ceramic hob processing 16 mncr5, cutting speed can reach 600 m/min.

          4, the mechanism of high speed machining: early with salomon "the theory of higher cutting speed" in 1931 won the German patent, this paper points out that: "in a certain cutting speed (5-10 times higher than conventional processing), at the cutting edge of chip temperature will start to degrade the..." "This kind of high speed machining will... to improve productivity. Experiment is shown in figure: low level for the steel this temperature decrease, for aluminum and other non-metallic materials this temperature decrease degree is higher. Practice shows that: compared with conventional processing, the high speed machining has many outstanding advantages: (1) the material removal rate per unit time is 3 ~ 6 times can increase; (2) cutting force can reduce more than 30%, especially the reduction of radial cutting force, especially for thin thin steel parts, such as aviation, aerospace high speed precision processing; (3), 95-98% of the cutting heat was taken away by chip and workpiece can be basic to keep cold; (4) when the high speed machining machine tool vibration frequency is particularly high, far away from the "machine - tool fixture - part" process system natural frequency, smooth cutting vibration is small, can work out a very bright and clean, precision parts, such as the high speed milling high-speed turning often can achieve grinding level; 5. Because the chip is was cut from the workpiece in a flash, the residual stress of workpiece surface is very small, it has special important significance on the aerospace industry products.

          5, high speed machining is a systems engineering, and is not a simple and high cutting speed and processing. New technology of high speed machining, including: soft, hard cutting, dry cutting, cutting a big knife cutting, etc. Hard cutting (cutting hardened steel), dry cutting (no coolant), puts forward the new concept of green machining on international. Traditional mechanical processing: there are three main defects (1) resource utilization rate is not high; (2) the pollution to the environment; (3) damage to human body health. Since the 70 s, with the development of world economy, the earth's environment is getting worse, according to statistics, environmental pollutants caused by more than 70% from manufacturing industry, as people strengthening of environmental awareness, and puts forward new requirements for clean production and green manufacturing. At present there are 8% of German enterprises to adopt dry cutting, is expected in the next five years there will be 20% of the enterprises to adopt dry cutting. The United States and some European company manufacturing brake wheel and press parts, using dry machining of cast steel parts were very successful. A general trend of development soon, but the hole machining of dry cutting is still a bottleneck, many experts and scholars research effort, cooling, liquid nitrogen with air jet jet cooling, spray cooling method, such as the preliminary results have been achieved.

          6, since the 1980 s, our country one after another from Germany, the United States, France, Japan and other countries the introduction of more advanced sedan CNC automatic line production, make our country's car industry got unprecedented development. Is a typical faw - Volkswagen jetta cars from Germany and Shanghai Volkswagen santana automatic production line, at the international level in the mid - 1990 - s. The practical application of high-speed machining technology, the selection of cutting tool materials with high performance cutting tool material, superhard materials make the milling speed of 2200 m/min, drill and ream speed of 80-240 m/min, turning speed above 200 m/min, broaching speed up to 10 to 25 m/min, shaving speed of 170 m/min. Hole machining by using more composite blade and hinged squeeze cut instead of grinding and fine boring, in a reciprocating feeding complete finishing outside yuan, end face and inner hole, the cutting tool ran at 3000 RPM, feeding speed of 1.5-3 m/min, the precision can reach 5-7, the surface roughness value of ra 0.7 microns. To learn some from the overview of the high-speed machining technology and its development trend.

          Third, fully understand the importance of cutting tool in machining

          1, in the machining, metal cutting machine tools and cutting tools as the basis of machining technology and equipment, tool called machine "teeth" and the "twin", whether it is what kind of metal cutting machine tool, all must depend on the "teeth" to play a role, leave the "twin brother" have achieved nothing. Cutting tool performance and quality directly affects millions of machine tools of high and low production efficiency and processing quality, directly affects the whole mechanical manufacturing industry production technology level and economic benefits. So said: "corporate dividend on the blade", this is the foreign entrepreneur's experience. The ancients cloud: "to do a good job, must first sharpen his", modern people, said: "knife and cutting wood work", "try hard to make on the blade", these are all working people in the long-term production practice in our country the experience summary.

          2, realistic production notes "tool is small, the potential". Such as rough machining of a 200000 mw generator rotor shaft, net weight 30 tons, 60-70 tons of forging blank, waste chip accounted for the gross weight more than 50%, if not a efficient tool. And as finishing a big heavy precision gear, without a 800000 yuan high performance and high precision gear hob is no good. A cutting on the international leading to cutting tool and machine tool made the following points: the role of the "improvement tool to reduce the cutting cost of change has more potential than any other single procedure. Reasonable selection and application of modern cutting tools is to reduce the cost of production, the key to the main economic benefit." Another American experts n. Latin said: "a $250000 worth of nc machine tool, the full play of efficiency to a great extent, depends on the performance of a $30 vertical milling cutter". So often heard western entrepreneurs said: "the blade or the".

          3, the improvement of modern science and technology, the equipment renewal speed is more and more faster, 10 to 15 years in a generation, in such a short time make up for the equipment investment and create profits, improve potentialities and rely on tools investment research. According to relevant data show that the cutting tool cost 2.4 4% of the manufacturing cost, but it is directly affect 20% of the manufacturing cost inside machine cost and 38% of the labor cost. Still have a kind of algorithm: machine tools and cutting tool push for 9:1 to 7:3. As long as the tool investment in place, cutting speed and feed rate per 15-20% can reduce the manufacturing cost 10-15%. So buy machine tools at the same time, must consider configured tool, to work efficiently. Also, to do three durability (i.e., the biggest productivity, minimum cost and maximum profit margins) want to know what would hold, really spend money on the blade, the production to quench thirst. Problem is to keep up with the idea of people, machine tool, cutting tool is fixed assets is expendable. "Donkey die, not grinding", "willing to spend money to buy advanced equipment low operation efficiency, reluctant to spend money on advanced tool efficient exploration" strange phenomenon. This is hindering the development of the productive forces "stumbling block" and "obstacle".

          4, nc machine tools in our country: the cause of low utilization rate of foreign CNC machine working in two shifts under the running rate of 60-70%, but domestic many users often only 20-30%, its reason:

          (1) user blindly choose nc machine tool, the "goods not right";

          (2) nc machine tools related technical personnel overall quality is low;

          (3) programming efficiency is low;

          (4) maintenance time, maintenance work to keep pace with long;

          (5) CNC machine working environment gap voltage fluctuation, environmental temperature, humidity and strong electromagnetic interference, etc.); 6 CNC machine low management level, lagging production technology preparation work; All landowners is stressed by the special machine tools and cutting tools technology content does not match, "advanced machine tools, behind the cutting tool," don't understand "suitable", "good horse matchs good saddle", "overqualified" use is not reasonable, equipment did not give full play to their potential, also is the main reason that causes huge waste.

          Four, the application of new materials of cutting tool

          1, the present structure of all kinds of cutting tool material application, according to the statistics, today most of the chip is used at the end of the coating or coating carbide cutting tools for removal; The HSS tool accounts for roughly 65% of the entire cost of the cutting tool, chip removal by accounted for only 28% of the total scrap rate. And at the end of the coating or coating cemented carbide cutting tool accounts for roughly 33% of the entire cost of the cutting tool, the chip removal is 68% of the total amount of chip. And superhard cutting tools (cubic boron nitride, diamond), the proportion of all cutting tools use face is very few, accounts for only 1-3%, in the future with the development trend of high speed machining, hard cutting, dry cutting, the proportion will be greatly improved. Introduced below is suitable for high speed cutting tool material basically has coated tools, metal ceramic (ticn carbide) cutting tools, ceramic cutting tool, cubic boron nitride (CBN) and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) superhard cutting tools, etc.

          2, coated tools material: there are physical and coating (PVD) and chemical coating (CVD), is on the cutting tool substrate coated metallic compound film, in order to obtain far above the substrate surface hardness and excellent cutting performance. In the high speed steel, cemented carbide, ceramics, metal ceramics, diamond single coating or coating, such as material composite coating can also consists of several materials. Coating thickness for 7 to 10 microns, generally 1-3 layer, layer of the tu 200 watt company in Germany. Coating materials are mainly titanium nitride (tin), carbon titanium nitride (ticn) titanium aluminum nitride (tiain), carbon titanium aluminum nitride (tiaicn), including tiain performance in high speed cutting, the highest working temperature is 800 oc. One after another in recent years the development of some new PVD hard coating material, such as CBN, carbon nitride (CNX), al2 o 3 nitrogen (tin/NBN, tin /.vn), etc., with good thermal stability at high temperatures, very suitable for high speed cutting. Diamond coated tools is mainly suitable for processing non-ferrous metal. In addition, the latest development of nano coated cutting tool material, also has a broad application prospect in high speed cutting, such as Japan's sumitomo corporation have developed nano tin/ain composite coating milling insert, coating amount to 2000 layers, each layer thickness of 2.5 microns. Usually the life of the coated tools is not coated tools to improve 2-5 times.

          3, metal ceramic cutting tool materials; Metal ceramics has high room temperature hardness, high temperature hardness and good abrasion resistance. Metal ceramic materials mainly include high wear-resistant tic based cemented carbide (tic + ni or mo), tic data base of high toughness carbide (tic tac + + wc), strong carbide tin base (ticn + NBC), etc. Metal ceramic cutting tools can be in 300-500 m/min cutting speed range of the fine steel and cast iron. The processing surface roughness is low cutting efficiency and tool life. Data show that; Metal ceramic cutting tool can grinding out before the big Angle (20 °, 25 °) gamma 0 = silver crumbs of lathe tool cutter, explain its toughness and strength than ceramic materials have greatly improved.

          4, ceramic cutting tool materials, has higher hardness and red hardness and wear resistance, its shortcomings are brittleness is big, the impact load ability is poor, it is also people continue to improve the key for decades. Ceramic cutting tool materials are mainly of two kinds of aluminum oxide and silicon nitride based, is through the, respectively, to join in the aluminum oxide and silicon nitride carbide, nitride, boride, oxides, and multiphase ceramics. Currently developed abroad about more than 20 varieties of a1umna-based ceramic cutting tool, make up about two-thirds of all ceramic cutting tool; Silicon nitride ceramics cutting tools, about more than ten varieties, accounts for about a third of the total ceramic cutting tool. Ceramic cutting tool in cutting speed of 200-1000 m/min within the scope of high speed cutting soft steel, such as a3 steel, hardened steel, cast iron and alloy steel, etc., the tool life for more than 10 times of carbide cutting tools.

          5, cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tool material: CBN cutting tool has a very high hardness and red hardness, is high speed finish machining or half finish machining of hardened steel, chilled cast iron, high temperature alloy, etc. An ideal tool material. Due to the CBN cutting tool machining high hardness of the parts as good surface roughness, thus cutting hardened steel by CBN cutting tool can realize "by cutting grinding". Due to the CBN cutter and billet prices higher, with consideration of factors such as heavy grinding is generally in the indexable carbide insert an Angle on the welding on a piece of CBN cutter billet, grinding out a point. Research proves that using pure CBN tool in many cases which can not get the best processing effect, therefore, abroad have developed all sorts of ingredient ratio of CBN inserts and CBN + metal ceramic composite blade, according to different processing purposes, the blade of the CBN content also change accordingly. Such as: 50% CBN content of blade, suitable for processing continuous cutting hardened steel (45-65 HRC), 80-90% CBN content of blade, suitable for high speed cutting cast iron (v = 500-1000 m/min) or continuous heavy cutting hardened steel (45-65 HRC). In polycrystalline way of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) blade hardness up to 3500-4500 hv, 1300-1500 ℃ high temperature resistant, has become the first choice for high speed cutting hardened steel cutting tools.

          6, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tool materials; PCD material has high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient, PCD cutting tool can realize non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials of high speed, high precision, high stability, processing. If use aluminum matrix cutter phi 100, six teeth cutting speed of high speed milling cutter at up to 7000 m/min. Influenced by PCD particle size on cutting tools, such as: PCD in size 10 to 25 microns of PCD cutting tool is suitable for cutting of si content of 12% or more aluminum alloy (cutting speed v = 300-1500 m/min) and carbide; PCD particle size is 8 to 9 microns of PCD cutting tool is suitable for machining si content of 12% or less of aluminum alloy (cutting speed v = 500-3500 m/min) and general non-metallic materials; PCD diamond particle size for 4 to 5 microns of PCD cutting tool for cutting FRP, such as wood or pure aluminium material.
        In addition, the high performance of high speed steel, powder metallurgy HSS and solid carbide has become a manufacturing hob and gear shaving cutter and gear shaper cutter, the mainstream of gear cutting tool cutting tool material, can be used for gear of high speed cutting, the cutting speed can reach 150-180 m/min, such as processing, again carries on the tiain coating can be applied in high speed cutting.

          Fifth, the application of new structure of cutting tool

          1, indexable tool technology is an important tool in the history of the development of innovation, it has without welding, no defects such as cracks, give full play to the original blade cutting performance, and to reduce machine downtime knife, loading and unloading the assistant time of cutting tools, etc. Overseas analysis data show that; The use of indexable tool cutting efficiency is 37.5% higher than that of welding tools, and can reduce the single production cost 30-49%. They concluded that application of indexable tool is the only way for the development of production. So western industrialized countries with universal access to applications for 5 to 10 years, 10 years and used to make indexable tool into the mature period, increasing the varieties, structure optimization, geometric parameters more reasonable, not only in turning, milling, drilling, a new breakthrough, and expand to the broaching, gear processing involved in the field of high speed steel cutter machining, such as the United States, Germany, Japan indexable tool use face of around 90%, make the indexable tool of the machine tool "teeth" more sharp and hard, really become the modern machining the the leading actor on the stage.

          5, the structure of the indexable milling cutter in recent years, the most prominent progress is brought before the chip groove Angle, helical blade, and points the development of the blade, and processing of cast iron face milling cutter with blades is brought before the curve of the Angle of the blade, is no longer the same flat forward, and a more reasonable geometric parameters, the radial rake Angle or forward Angle change from negative to positive, from small to big, so cutting very brisk steady cutting force (30% lower). Abroad in recent years several manufacturers at the same time introducing a are eight side rake Angle of the blade, the blade is all parts of the reversible, became a 16 a cutting edge, greatly improving the blade material utilization, but also greatly reduce the cost of the blade. Another milling cutter structure development direction is dense teeth, dense tooth, especially the ceramic cutter of the double negative Angle, in order to increase the content of tooth, make machining more steady, speed up the feed efficiency and surface quality, is the development trend of a worthy.

          6, heavy cutting tool structure design more innovative, such as Germany, Mr. Wade lehi coburg (Ingersoll company), the production of the world's largest crankshaft milling machine tools and fittings milling cutter. Machinable large Marine diesel engine crankshaft, a crankshaft turn 25 tons. Milling cutter diameter of 5.5 meters, 140 mm thick, coarse teeth of cutter tooth 44 x 5 = 220 teeth, fine teeth 4 224. The knife dish weighed 30 tons, machine power of 200 kw, chip weighs 5.7 tons per hour. Processing: two side milling crankshaft neck and shaft, then change on the knife dish a numerical control turning device, turning the crankshaft axis neck and two garden. The key technology of the milling cutter is a very important: knife plate uniform has eight big hole, hole installed vibration damping device (patent), to solve the problem of cutting vibration milling process. Cutting tool structure novel, peculiar, a high technology content.

          3, cutting tool monitoring system: tool monitoring techniques for the safety of the high-speed cutting processing is very important. Cutting tool monitoring techniques mainly include to control the cutting force by monitoring tool wear; By monitoring machine power to indirect access to tool wear information; Monitoring tool fracture (bad), etc. For cutting process monitoring is a advanced manufacturing technology to a higher degree of automation and unmanned, raise the utilization ratio of nc machine tools, ensure the quality of processing, an important means to prevent accidents. The introduction of modern microelectronics sensor, computer and information technology for reliable monitoring of cutting process is another characteristics of modern metal cutting technology development.

          4, cutting tool management system: tool management system in flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is indispensable important component, has set up a file in the countries, especially developed countries has been widely used. Tool management in a dynamic process, its content mainly includes the following aspects: (1) the tool storage, transportation and exchange; (2) the distribution of the cutting tool and scheduling; (3) cutting tool monitoring; (4) information management tool. Tool is the main processing center for metal cutting tools, its use is best, scheduling is reasonable, whether the management improvement, control is effective, the utilization of the flexible manufacturing system (FMS), will produce a great impact on the quality and production efficiency.

          We should pay attention to 5, the cutting tool edge passivation problem: at present our country most of the indexable insert edge without passivation, low tool life, cutting tool consumption costs. And blade production line introduced from abroad with the blade edge passivation machine, after passivation of the blade edge micro gap eliminate, effectively increased the intensity of edge, the tool life generally increased by more than 20% to 1 times. Has successfully developed a small can popularize and apply indexable insert passivation on the machine, model outline size: 400 * 400 * 400 (mm), its characteristic is: adopt gear decelerating electronic speed motor drive the planetary mechanism, make the blade rotation and revolution, by high speed rotating disk brushes containing abrasive nylon passivation blade, blade controlled by time relay passivation time and pocket microscope detection of the blade edge passivation parameters, the small indexable insert edge purification machine design compact and reasonable structure, reliable, and easy to operate, suitable for blade manufacturing and machining workshop application promotion.

          Seven, some ideas and Suggestions
        In the period of manufacturing technology of rapid development in our country, the popularity of CNC machine tools, the development of advanced manufacturing technology, speed up the pace of modernization of tool manufacturing industry put forward the new challenges. Faced with significant mechanical industry upgrade and structural adjustment, the tool market demand increased rapidly, cutting tool industry offers great opportunities and development space.

          Since the founding of the people, the cutting tool industry for the development of mechanical manufacturing industry have done a lot of work, made great achievements, but with the increase of cutting speed, difficult to machining materials used in great quantities, the popularity of numerical control equipment, more and more high to the requirement of machining tool, domestic tool already can't satisfy the requirement of the manufacturing development. Reform and opening up and join the wto, foreign tool enterprise influx, cutting tool market more competitive. In the face of increasingly severe market, the domestic cutter enterprises should change ideas, improve the market consciousness, brand consciousness, seize the opportunity to speed up their technological innovation, technological transformation efforts, increase the intensity of research and development, improve the quality of products, with high quality products, good service win the trust of customers. Only in this way, the domestic tool vendors to determine their own advantages in the fierce market competition, to win more market share.

          Foreign enterprises to enter the domestic market tool, has brought the advanced cutting tool and the management idea, promote the development of the cutting tool technology, improves the level of machining process on the mechanical manufacturing, by the vast number of customer recognition. Especially in the tool among foreign domestic enterprises, however, vic coke, kenner, walter, cobalt full collar has achieved very good results, can be seen from the survey data, these companies have outstanding performance.

          Cutting tool technology developing rapidly, advanced cutting tool, new type of cutting tool material and coating technology, meet the needs of the mechanical manufacturing industry. How advanced cutting tool is accepted by the customer, there is a promotion and training, survey the user has a strong tool of training requirements. Service has become a part of the product, tool enterprises should strengthen the service consciousness, in-depth user, learn the user's production and process, recommend, selection tool for users, help user training, with a good tool. This will get a win-win result.

          The increase in the use of advanced cutting tools, appropriate tool cost investment, is a manufacturing effective means to improve labor productivity and competitiveness of firms, it has gradually become the industry consensus. Market competition manufacturing continuously improve quality, reduce production costs. Manufacturing companies only to change the traditional ideas, correct understanding of the concept of cost reduction, overcome the one-sided control tool cost consumption. Should be noted that the reasonable cutting tool, can exponentially improve productivity and product quality, not only increase the competitiveness of the enterprises, and promote the development of cutting tool industry.

          As soon as possible in order to make the cutting technology in China with the advanced world level, to be held in nanjing in September of 2003 Chinese dao secondary member representative assembly and for the first session of advanced cutting technology top BBS established the "development of cutting technology, the construction of manufacturing powerhouse" grand goal. Knife in China in September 2004 in taiyuan enlarged meeting of the second session of the second member of the reality of the present domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises, the group member unit of decision since 2005 in the "China association of knife 20 project" activities. For each group member unit of enterprise through cutting application technology training and promotion of advanced cutting tool, with 2 years of time to take the lead to achieve the cutting efficiency target of 20%, has been the general member units and the worker's positive response, and achieved fruitful results.

          Looking to the future, under the leadership of the central committee headed by comrade hu jintao, in the spirit of the scientific outlook on development and building a well-off society in an all-round way, inspired by our motherland more prosperous, our manufacturing sector to keep pace with The Times development innovation, thoroughly get rid of "cutting level behind" hat, struggle will become modern manufacturing powerhouse.