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        Analyses problems in China tool industry

        Date:2015-07-24  Views:1287

          Chinese market lack of form a complete set of the phenomenon of tools is being ignored or abandoned, why China cutting tools lack good products, cutting tool industry exactly what went wrong?

          Who hurt China's cutting tool market?

          Industrial cities generally have some mechanical and electronic products market, with row with many small shops, signs that read "all kinds of cutting tools", "nc tool" and so on, and that which is a booming market, however, this truly reflect tool boom boom? In fact, these shops also is a more common general tools such as drill, lathe tools, geared to the needs of the customer group is also more small enterprises even workshop.

          Cutting tool structure imbalance in our country

          Tool sales of 14.5 billion yuan, China accounted for less than 25% of carbide cutting tools, cutting tools with the international market product structure not only, also can't satisfy the domestic manufacturing industry growing demand for carbide cutting tools. Domestic manufacturing consumption of cutting tools, carbide cutting tools has reached more than 50%, the proportion of supply and demand structure disjointed problem is very serious, the consequences are a large number of surplus export or domestic sales at a low price of high speed steel tools.

          The three major factors restricting I cutting tool industry

          "China's abundant labor resources, low cost, and ultimately affected the development of the cutting tool industry, improve." The personage inside course of study view sounds surprising, after all, low labor costs has been considered the advantages of domestic enterprise. "There are many reasons that cause the present situation of China's tool industry, we can not blindly blame tool  manufacturing enterprises, and the enterprise, industry, and are actively to improve, we should have confidence in the future."