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        MaAnShan City Heavy industry machinery co., LTD

        About us

        Maanshan ShenLi heavy industry machinery co., LTD is maanshan sea, metallurgical machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The new shares manufacturing co., LTD. Inheritance and continuation of the original company more than 20 years of professional production experience and technology, and new bought various CNC inheritance and inspection equipment, the introduction of efficient enterprise management experience and ERP management system, with the domestic many colleges and universities maintain a long-term strategic cooperative relations, joint development of new products, improve product quality, meet customer demand。
        Company is mainly focused on the steel industry, metallurgy, metal processing and other industries with shearing blades, wear parts and related accessories development and manufacturing. Can produce the largest L5500mm oblong blades and biggest Φ 1500 mm disc blade, and slitting machine blade, shredding machine grinder blade and other various industries with shear blades. Main material choose 6 crw2si, Cr12MoV, D2, SKD11 and SKD61, H13, H13K, HMB, HMK high-quality alloy tool steel, etc. Especially my company independent development of H13K, HMB, HMK alloy tool steel, used in hot rolling and cold rolling with good performance, high strength, high hardness, high toughness, high hardenability and other characteristics, by shear material incision level off is smooth, no burr, improve the shearing quality and production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reached the international advanced level.



          “"Customer first, quality first", the company always put the quality of the products and services as the company's development strategy, in the process of production management, product in strict accordance with the quality management system implementation, implementation of "management standardization, operation standardization" management system. Using metallographic analysis, physical and chemical analysis, nondestructive flaw detection, tensile impact test and other high-end testing equipment, strict control of each working procedure, direct control of the quality of our products and put an end to unqualified products flow out. Fully completes the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service of each part, really let customers at ease.